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Conversations that Heal

  • Chelsea, QC Canada (map)

For Women Only

Stop Hurting, Start Living!

Educate Yourself through Healing Conversations and

the Difference that Makes the Difference

I invite you to join me for fun and out-of-the -ordinary conversations, intended to foster healing. I’ll speak to a shift in context for thinking about healing; I know it will expand your perspective as you consider what is possible with both traditional and non-traditional healing options. I'll also intuitively listen for and 'tweak' your physical and emotional 'ails' - with your permission - with my myriad approaches to creating releases in body and mind. 

Please Note the date change (for the month of July only) from the usual 1st Wednesday of the month gathering to the second Wednesday of the month.

For July, I have invited Anateresa Mendes-Collins, a recent newcomer to these conversations, to share her skill and talents relative to reading the Tarot - in the present moment for the the present moment - for women who are called to join in. So, whether you are already adept at translating the Tarot or you are simply curious with little or no understanding of this ancient repository of wisdom, I encourage you join us. A sharing of ideas always expands possibility, evoking powerful metaphors for the movement of energy and information in flow, inviting you to to choose to 'live fully, love hard and let go' of a world in chaos (with thanks and credit to Deb Ozarko, author of Beyond Hope: Letting Go of a World in Collapse).

Transform your pain into peace and possibility

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired; if you are bored with same old, same old; if you are wondering what else is possible for your life and can't just seem to get there; if you keep running the same strategies, yet long for very different results in your life, then why not join us? I promise you that whatever comes to light for you, in the good company of a small and intimate group of women, will be both relevant and fun for you. 

Feeling good feels good, When your body feels good, you feel good. When you feel  good, everyone around you feels good. It is pretty simple, really!

Through these WEL-Systems® - based conversations, you’ll reclaim more space, movement and flow in your life... meaning that you'll leave feeling relieved, released and relaxed in your body and in your mind. You'll find that you have more energy and optimism. With science and the sacred as your guiding supports, you’ll leave the conversation, asking yourself a new question for your life, 'What else is possible?'

Where:     Chelsea, Quebec (Register, then I’ll send directions)

Fee:          $20.00 Cash upon arrival or email Transfer prior to arrival

Who:        All women in search of ease and a different way to define, deal with, and navigate all the crazy-making 'stuff' in our lives, be it from the most mundane and common-place to the most 'out-there' and uncommon considerations. If the joy of feeling good is the most important choice for your life, please join us. You'll learn, live and laugh! What you might discover is that living an extra-ordinary life that is both fun and meaningful in these uncertain times is actually easier than we have ever been taught to believe.

Registration in advance is essential. Contact Sheila at 613-292-4562 or to confirm your attendance. Maximum 15 attendants.

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